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Broadcast Audio Alert Heard On The Phone But Message Does Not Appear

This is generally caused by the case where the phone isn’t able to retrieve the broadcast message for display and in most cases an error message on the phone indicating “Host Not Found” will appear on the phone’s display, but only for a short period of time.

Broadcasting in Variphy Insight causes the phones to be instructed to retrieve the message (via HTTP), via the Host and Port values in the Route to Host setup for each Distribution List.

Rather than transmitting the message itself, Variphy Insight must send a URL of the message to the phones.

This URL should point back to the Variphy Insight server. The “Host Not Found” error message on the phone’s display indicates that the phone could not reach the URL.

Confirm that the Route To Host values for the Distribution List are correct for the phones to successfully route to the Variphy Insight machine and that no firewalls, access control lists, or network translations are impeding network communication.

Also confirm that the settings are correct for the Distribution List in Variphy, located under the “Broadcast” menu. If you edit the DL, you will see fields for “Hostname/IP Address” and “Port”. Typically the hostname will resolve to “localhost”, but the phones may not be able to route back to this when attempting a broadcast. Also, the default should be a non-secure http port like 80 or 8080, so if it is using another port, or a secure port like 8443, it will not be able to route back to the phone either. For best results make sure these fields contain the actual Variphy server’s IP address and the default non-secure http ports of 80 or 8080.

Updated on December 27, 2023

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