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Configuring DID Block Import

Importing DID Blocks into Variphy is straight forward using a simple .csv file.

In the DN & DID Management module, the Configure screen for DID Blocks contains an import utility with ability to auto-discover exclusions and utilize CUCM DN mapping exceptions.

CSV Template

A sample CSV Template is downloadable for ease of use, via the Download CSV Template option in the Create DID Block drop down menu.

DID Import File

File Requirements: Header Row & Column A (DID Numbers)

Optional: DID Range End, CUCM DN (Mapping Exceptions), Route Partition, CUCM Cluster definition in Variphy

Note: parentheses, hyphens and dot notation digit separators will be stripped from the DID Number and Range End fields during import.

United States/North American DID Numbers

The Import file may be simplistic and only require the first column defined, or contiguous number ranges may be used. The internal CUCM DN’s are not required if the DID numbers can be mapped to the internal CUCM DN.

(If the whole sequential number list is not owned, best to just list out the DIDs that are owned in column A; Variphy will discover and exclude the missing DIDs in the block number ranges)

CUCM DN: DN Mapping Exception

DIDs that translate to a specific internal CUCM DN that is not part of the DID number string. (e.g. Toll Free service lines, Fax lines, etc.) This will map the DID to the internal CUCM DN for device assignment recognition.

Route Partition & CUCM Cluster within the import file are additional definitions for DN Mapping Exceptions only. DN Mapping Exceptions on specific Route Partitions will override the Cluster Association setting on the block for only those DN’s.

Leaving the Route Partition field black in the import file when importing DN Mapping Exceptions will default to ‘Any Route Partition’

Non-United States/North American DID Numbers (Other/International)

Similar to North American DID numbers, those from other countries can be defined as single or ranges, as follows.

Running the Import

The import routine will require:

  • Selecting whether import file contains United States/North American DID numbers or those from other countries
  • DID Number Import File – the CSV file containing DID numbers to import
  • At least one selected DID Site, to which the resulting DID Blocks imported will be assigned to
  • You may configure the Cluster Association mapping for the internal DN’s. (Configure DID Blocks KB)

Select the DID Number Import file, DID Site, and your Cluster Association mappings.

The import file may contain numerous NPA.NXX ranges within the same .csv file.

The import routine will auto-discover the number range as well as the missing DID Numbers within the ranges and create exclusions.

The newly imported DID blocks will be highlighted green in the block list.

The import routine will also identify any invalid numbers that are ignored.

Once the DID Block(s) is/are imported, they may be searched in DID Management.

Issues with DID’s not matching to the internal CUCM Directory Number(s), please see the CUCM Association section of the Configuring DID Blocks KB.

If you have additional questions or would like assistance with the DID Managment DID Block import feature, please submit a request to support@variphy.comPlease note that our normal support hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time, excluding US holidays. After hours support may be arranged with advanced notice.

Updated on September 16, 2020

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