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UCCX – Reporting on Wrap-Up data

Wrap-up time (also known as Work Time) is the time spent by a Contact Center agent doing work after a call has concluded. This time is still considered part of the interaction as the agent is still working on the customer’s query.

Wrap-up Reasons are applied to calls by the agents and they indicate why the customer called the contact center.

Note: In the CCX version 12.0 release Cisco moved the Wrap-Up reasons/codes to a different part of their database. If you have CCX version 12.0 or higher deployed please update your Variphy software to the current version. Support for the new data was included in Variphy version 12.4.

Variphy can report on both Wrap-Up time and Wrap-Up reasons.

Wrap-Up Time

Wrap-Up time, also known as Work time (or Working time)

Updated on December 20, 2021

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