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Variphy CUCM CDR Call Analytics Reporting Guide

Variphy’s Call Analytics Reporting isn’t based on anything “Canned” that arrives out of the box. Because every Cisco Collaboration environment can be a bit different, Variphy’s CUCM CDR Call Analytics Reporting is completely customizable, allowing reports to be configured for particular dial plans and deployments, along with the desired output content…

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How to Use Variphy Call Analytics On Demand History Search

To run an on demand Call History Search, Go to the Call Analytics Reporting Menu, which defaults to the History sub menu.

The History section of Call Analytics Reporting enables CDR data to be searched by various filters including directory number, dialed number, device name, call duration, and/or CUCM metadata. This is the default section shown…

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How to Schedule Variphy Reports

Once you’ve created Call Analytics reports in Variphy, you can schedule them for delivery via email or FTP. Smaller “summary” reports are ideally delivered via email, while larger reports, or reports that you wish to store long term in a central location might be more suitable for FTP delivery…

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Configuring User and Group Permissions in Variphy

In Variphy, user accounts can be created as internal standalone logins, or can be linked to a user’s Active Directory account. Likewise, permissions can be granted on an individual or group level. Variphy’s granular permissions configuration menu allows you to give the end users as much or little access as they require, and can be restricted to specific clusters, dashboards, reports, or call data ranges…

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How to Export & Import a CUCM CAR CDR file into Variphy

This assumes you have already exported 1 or more CUCM CAR CDR files from CDR Analysis and Reporting in Cisco Unified Serviceability…

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How To Run Variphy CUCM CDR Call Analytics Reports

In Variphy Call Analytics Reporting, there are 2 easy ways to run an existing report…

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Report Example Guides

Example: Creating Capacity Utilization Reports for SIP Trunks, PRIs, or Any Other Activity

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Example: Creating End User Inbound and Outbound Activity Summary Reports

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Example: CDR Report Showing Dormant or Under Utilized Phones or End Users

Dormant phones and users can clog up CUCM and continue to count towards license usage.  Identifying phones and end users which can be removed from CUCM or re-assigned is now pretty easy…

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Dictionary Guides

Variphy CUCM CDR Call Analytics Call Statistics Guide & Dictionary

In concert with each Call Scenario, Variphy can provide the following Call Statistics which offer key metric or statistic data points to identify call counts, percentages of total, total and average call durations, as well as total and average ring durations…

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Updated on March 18, 2024

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