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Phone Macro Fails, but shows status of “Success: 0 of 0 phones”

Problem: When running a Phone Macro against a subset, the Macro will finish but show a status of “Success: 0 of 0 phones”

Cause: The subset may have blank spaces, invalid characters, or an incomplete string in the lower fields.

The subset is applied based on the granularity of your selections, meaning that even if all of the Device Pools, Partitions, Locations, and Phone/Device Models in the top sections of the subset menu are selected, if you enter additional parameters to the Device Name, Directory Number (DN), or Device Description fields below, the macro will only be applied to those additional parameters when run against the subset. If any of these 3 fields have incorrect information in them, the Macro will run, but will show a success without applying any changes because no valid devices, DN’s, or Descriptions were found to match the criteria.

For example, in the subset shown below there are two conditions that would cause the subset to fail. The first is that the device name is set to equal a blank space. Since no device names can be blank in CUCM, the subset will fail to find any applicable devices. The second condition is that the DN begins with SEP, which would fail because the SEP value would only apply to device names.

RESOLUTION: Remove the invalid or incorrect characters from these fields and replace (or recreate the subset) with the proper values. 

As a general rule, Device names will only contain SEP followed by a MAC address alpha-numeric string, and Directory Numbers will purely be numeric strings. Only Device Descriptions may have a more liberal combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

PLEASE NOTE: Leaving a subset with the default “Contains” = Blank Field value in the Device Name, DN, or Device Description fields is essentially a wide-open subset that will try to apply a macro to all physical phones across your CUCM environment. If you are leaving the bottom 3 fields blank, be sure to at least limit the subset to specific Phone Model types, Locations, Partitions, or Device Pools using the upper fields.

If you are on an older Revision of Variphy Insight (prior to 9.3), you may not have the ability to remove blank spaces or characters from the Device Name, DN, or Device Description fields, as the “Remove Selected” button was not added until later revisions. The solution to this is to either delete the Subset and re-create it with the proper values, or simply upgrade your version of Variphy Insight to the latest build, at which point the “Remove Selected” option will be availiable. 

Updated on December 27, 2023

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