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How to Download CUCM AXL Trace Logs from RTMT

Trace log files generated by the Cisco AXL Web Service running on the CUCM Publisher server can be very helpful when troubleshooting and diagnosing issues where Variphy Insight is unable to capture information from CUCM via AXL.  The log files can help identify how CUCM is handling and performing on AXL queries and error conditions. 

Download AXL Trace Logs from Cisco RTMT

Step 1) Launch RTMT and connect to the CUCM Publisher Server

Step 2) Under Tools in the left menu, click “Trace & Log Central”

Step 3) In the resulting middle pane, double click on “Collect Files” – this will open a dialog window

Step 4) Click the “Next >” button once to show more services and then select the “Cisco AXL Web Service” for the just the CUCM Publisher Server

Step 5) Under “Collection Time”, select either “Absolute Range” or “Relative Range” and configure an appropriate time period

Step 6) Click the “Browse” button next to “Download File Directory” and choose desired location to download the log files to

Step 7) Select the Radio button for “Zip Files”

Step 8) Click the “Finish” button – the logs should then be downloaded as a zip file to the desired location

Updated on January 29, 2019

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