CUBE Reporting Templates

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Calls summarized by PeerID usage (CUBE)

This report will provide CUBE call usage summary by PeerID. This report is using a wildcard to identify counts through PeerID’s.

**Inbound calls to CUBE

Report using remote media address and H323 Call Origin (Answer) to identify calls coming from specific sources.

**Media Address Capacity Utilization

Capacity utilization report showing capacity at specific remote media address.

**Outbound Calls from Cube

This report will show how many calls are originating from Cube based on one or more Remote Media Addresses (RMA). It will also provide an hourly call count for each RMA along with a call count per day.

Top 10 Disconnect Codes (CUBE)

This report will provide the Top 10 CUBE disconnection codes with call history details.

Total Capacity Utilization (CUBE)

Cisco CUBE report designed to show total call count and peak concurrent call path utilization for the entire CUBE.

Troubled Calls (CUBE)

Report for Cube Administrators to help identify troubled calls grouped by Internal Error Code.

Updated on December 6, 2023

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