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How To Configure User Permissions for Dashboards

Starting in Variphy version 12, each user can be given the option to create and manage their own dashboards and wallboards, each with widgets from the CUCM and/or UCCX clusters which he/she can see and use.

Configuring privileges for Dashboard Widgets for each Cluster for Users or Groups

Login to Variphy as an Administrator user and select User Accounts & Groups from the System section of the Setup & Administration page/menu.

The following is only necessary for non-Administrator users/groups, as Administrator users will automatically have privileges for all licensed features in Variphy.

Select the appropriate User or User Group to edit or create a new one if necessary.

First, enable the main Dashboards privilege within the Dashboard Privileges section.

This will provide the user/group access to the Dashboard feature in the main navigation.

Next, in the Cluster Privileges section, add or enable the Dashboard Widgets privilege for each desired Cluster which the user/group should be able to see/use Widgets for.

That’s it! Click Save when you’re finished.

When the user(s) next login to Variphy, they will be able to use the Dashboards feature with their appropriate clusters.

Updated on September 11, 2020

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