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Searching & Reporting On CUCM Secured, Authenticated, and Non-Secured Calls

New in Variphy 12.2.4 is the ability to search for call activity based upon the Call Secured Status, which will have of the following possible values:

  1. Non-Secured
  2. Authenticated
  3. Secured

According to Cisco’s documentation, for each call in CUCM, this value in the corresponding Call Detail Record (CDR):

Displays the highest security status that is reached during a call. For example, if the call is originally unsecured, and later the call changes to secured, the CDR contains 1 for “Secured” even though different portions of the call have different status values.

New “Call Secured Status” Search Criteria Type

This new CUCM CDR search type is a multi-pick list, allowing 1 or multiple values to be selected, and be used for any/all of the following:

  • Call History Searches
  • CUCM CDR Dashboard Widgets
  • Call Analytics Reports

Is vs Is Not

Like many of Variphy’s other search types, the search condition can be flipped between “is” and “is not” by a single mouse click, allowing easier and more flexible criteria to be configured.

Did you know?

This same “is” vs “is not” criteria option is also available for many of Variphy’s other CUCM CDR search options, such as Video Codecs, Cause Codes, On-Behalf Of Codes, Pattern Usage Types, and Redirect Reasons

Call Secured Status Detail Column Type

For each CUCM Call Detail Record (CDR), Variphy can show the Call Secured Status, if desired.

Call Secured Status Call Statistics

Additionally, for each of the “Non-Secured”, “Authenticated”, and “Secured” Call Secured Status types, the following call statistics can be computed as totals or for selected Time Unit Types (Day of Week, Hour of Day, Week, Month, and many more).

Updated on April 20, 2021

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