Time Unit Types

Many of the statistics and metrics represented by table and chart options in the Variphy Call Analytics are in relation to a time, most often based upon call origination, such as the total call count per Hour (9am, 10am, etc.) vs Day of Week (Monday, Tuesday, etc).

Variphy provides multiple Time Unit Types options for analytics and statistics.

Variphy identifies call activity to the nearest second in time (e.g. 10:01:02 AM vs 10:01:03 AM) and ALWAYS considers/applies a specific Time Zone.

Time Unit TypesDescription
Quarter Hour of DayStarting at Midnight (12:00:00 AM), every quarter hour/15 minutes, such as 9:00:00 – 9:14:59 AM, 9:15:00 – 9:29:59 AM, etc
Half Hour of DayStarting at Midnight (12:00:00 AM), every half hour/30 minutes, such as 9:00:00 – 9:29:59 AM, 9:30:00 – 9:59:59 AM, etc
Hour of DayStarting at Midnight (12:00:00 AM), every full hour/60 minutes, such as 9:00:00 – 9:59:59 AM, 10:00:00 – 10:59:59 AM, etc
DateJune 1, 2018 vs June 2, 2018 vs June 3, 2018, etc
Day of WeekSunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday
Updated on December 9, 2019

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