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UCCX Cluster Configuration

Step 1) Creating a password for the Historical Reporting User

Log into the UCCX publisher

Browse to Tools>Password Management

NOTE – The Historical Reporting Password has to be changed unless it is already known or used before. Cisco does not set a Password for this setting and will need to be changed in the UCCX Administration page.

Cisco recommends using a simple password for HR User password, such as “cisco123” or “variphy”

NOTE – Make sure to change the HR User Password on all nodes of UCCX.

Step 2) Configuring the Real Time Snapshot Config

In this step we will configure the wallboard settings for UCCX to send information to Variphy

Browse to Tools>Real Time Snapshot Config

In the Real Time Snapshot config, check

Data Writing Enabled

Data Writing Interval

Cisco Unified CCX CSQ’s Summary

Cisco Unified CCX System Summary.

Under Wallboard System, add the IP address of the Variphy server.

Note – Server name field only needed if there is no value in field

This only needs to be done on the UCCX Publisher

Step 3) Configuring the UCCX cluster settings in Variphy

Log into the Variphy server – http://x.x.x.x:8080 or https://x.x.x.x:8443

Go to the settings menu

Go to UCCX under Clusters

Add UCCX Cluster

In the first section, enter UCCX publisher information

Cluster Name (Only for Variphy Naming)

Enterprise Name

Primary IP of the UCCX Publisher

Primary Server host – Use only only host name of UCCX server, do not enter the FQDN(Fully Qualified Domain Name)

Password – The password set for the Historical Reporting User created in step 1.

Confirm Password

Add UCCX subscriber

Make sure use Primary Server is checked

Enter Finesse Supervisor User credentials

Note – Finesse user should be added to show custom cause codes within Variphy. If no supervisor is needed, leave port 8445 in the configuration and skip the user and password steps.

Add log analysis directory (if needed)

Set purge Audit Logs settings


Step 4) Check Cluster

If configuration is correct, its will show Cluster License Valid and UCCX Configuration Successful

UCCX information will now be available in the Dashboards & Widgets & Call Analytics and Reporting

Updated on March 5, 2019